Saturday, March 17, 2007

Chandigarh is Changing

Chandigarh is changing at a rapid pace. Besides the population increase with the explosion of IT and the service industry in the northern region, more and more people from other states, as well as from abroad are finding the ambiance just right for their entrepreneurial spirits to grow.
And every day there is new addition to the city's life providing more options to the visitors to enjoy its modern scapes.
However, many of us would soon be missing some of the old landmarks, that many of you left behind before shifting to your homes abroad. For one, the KC theatre has vanished from its site. It is giving place to a new multiplex. Though the Administration is insisting on the owners to retain the original facade and design, let us see what emerges ultimately. The Jagat theatre is also in for make-over with a new multiplex and joining the race is the Jagat theatre, which, just a few days back, has also been taken over by another company on lease for converting into a multiplex.
Well, those who visit the city after one or two years, would definitely find many things changed.

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