Thursday, August 02, 2012

Green City: New Parks in the Offing

Chandigarh is the city of greenery, and the only city in the country with nearly 39 percent of its geographical area under green cover.
The 'city beautiful' is also referred to as the 'city of gardens', will have many more theme-based gardens to further enhance its beauty.
A view of the Leisure Valley garden. Photo courtesy
A Japanese style garden in Sector 31 is coming up complete with towers, lanterns, tea house, pagoda huts, water features, meandering pathways, that are typical of the Japanese gardens. This is expected to be another major attraction for the tourists.
Garden of Palms, Garden of Conifers, Cactus Garden are some of the other theme gardens in the offing.
It is time that the Chandigarh Administration lets the world know about these beauty spots in the city to the world through more proactive communication campaigns to reach the travellers. 


Kamal Bhatt said...

nice blog, chandigarh is realy the city beautiful, beauty beyond explanation but you did a good job describing the beauty amazingly in ur words

dimpy roy said...

Good post. Cutting edge, legendary, postmodern architecture may define Chandigarh but it's the city's matchless style that will captivate you. Check out Cactus Garden Chandigarh, Aisa's largest cacti collection.