Sunday, November 09, 2008

Have fun with CATS when in Chandigarh

Have fun with CATS when in Chandigarh!

If you love outdoors and wish to have fun in and around Chandigarh, get in touch with CATS. Yes, it is a motley group of young and old who get together quite often to chalk out a plan to have fun and enjoy Nature with friends and family.  CATS stands for Chandigarh Adventure, Treks & Sports that was formed last year in August and when the idea was shared with Chandigarh Tourism, they heartily supported it. Led by Ms Supreet, an MBA from UK and worked with British army, and decided to return to India to set up interior designing and special stone ware business in Chandigarh, conceived the idea, and is the soul behind the activity.  You just need to go on to the blog to find more about it and if you want to join in just send an email and you are on.  All trips are self-sustaining with each one sharing the cost of the activity.  If you are in Chandigarh on a business or leisure visit, and have time at your hand, just check out the blog and you might like to join the fun.  For instance, on coming Sunday, a cycle trip is planned to the Jayanti Devi temple on the outskirt of the city, and even the bikes can be hired at a nominal fee.  Just check out the blog and decide. Have fun!

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